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BeaconMedaes New Medical Vacuum Filter Assembly Blower

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, introduced the MV Medical Vacuum Filter Assembly for medical gas pipeline systems. The new bacterial filter assemblies are designed to protect the vacuum system, the workers who maintain the equipment, and the surrounding environment.

Medical Vacuum Filters BeaconMedaes LLC

These medical vacuum bacterial filters are installed at the inlet of the vacuum pump to remove any liquid, solid or bacterial contamination which could damage the vacuum pump and release harmful exhaust into the downstream air. Our high efficiency medical vacuum filtration solutions fully comply to medical gas pipeline systems standards for

Fabricated Flanged Medical Vacuum Filters Walker

Fabricated Flanged Medical Vacuum Filters View Datasheet Make an enquiry Walker Filtration Fabricated Flanged Medical Vacuum Filters are an ideal solution for larger flow applications, designed to protect centralised hospital vacuum plant installations from liquid, solid, and bacterial contamination.

Medical Vacuum Filters MV mplusfiltration

Medical vacuum filters are specifically designed to protect the vacuum pump from liquid, solid and bacterial contamination. M Plus Filtration design and manufacture a comprehensive range of medical vacuum filters for centralized hospital vacuum plant installations as specified in

Alpha Medical Vacuum Filters Walker Filtration

Situated on the suction side of a vacuum pump, the Alpha Medical Vacuum Filters, also known as bacterial filters, are essential to avoiding damage to vacuum pumps and preventing potentially hazardous biological contagions from being exhausted into the surrounding environment.

Medical Vacuum Filters CATR

Medical Vacuum Filters. High Efficiency Medical Vacuum Filters. OIL X EVOLUTION MV Medical Vacuum Filters are designed for critical applications involving the removal of liquid, solid and bacterial contamination from the suction side of vacuum pump systems, preventing damage to the pump and the potential biological infection of the surrounding environment.