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Welcome To Pumps On Line CC. Pumps On Line CC is a leading business that focuses on providing a 24/7 helpline to buyers of all kinds of pumps. This enables the users of our site to buy pumps, pump spares, get quotations and do inquires in the convenience of their own home, online.

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Agrinet is a wholesale supplier and distributor of a wide range of products across 10 specialist categories that cater to hardware retail, specialist industrial and irrigation markets in Africa.

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the home of Wilden pumps for South Africa What we do Letaba Industrial has the experience and world class brands of air operated double diaphragm Wilden pumps, mechanical and hydraulic dosing pumps as well as mixers to solve the most challenging fluid transfer applications found

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Lutz Pumps South Africa, drum pump, barrel pump, container pumps, Lutz Pumpen, flow meters, air diaphragm pumps, Fluid Controls Managing Fluids Since 1971 More than 45 Years in the Pump

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Option 1Option 2Option 3Is the use of a centrifugal dosing pump in conjunction with a flow meter. The centrifugal pump doses out of the tank into the mainline.Although this option as a unit is slightly cheaper than the other two options, it has quite a number of operating costs and added problems. First off the unit is very inaccurate. Pressure variation influences water flow and thus volume dosed. Any variation in mainline pressure and the pump doses far outside the allowable parameters. The same applies in variati

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At Chemical Pump Valve Marketing in South Africa we specialise in chemical pumps, acid pumps and more. Our pumps can be factory fitted with all types of mechanical seal arrangements. Our quality pumps and industrial valves are most successful in handling cold or very hot acids, solvents, alkalines and fatty acids. A complete chart based on long term tests is available.

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All three pumps with all spare parts are generally always available ex stock Southtrade. These three pumps have stayed exactly the same since 35 years ago and in this time they have proven themselves to be robust and reliable. Today many hundreds of these pumps are operating all over Southern Africa with many satisfied farmers.

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The opposite diaphragm is pulled in by the shaft connected to the pressurized diaphragm. Diaphragm B is on its suction stroke; air behind the diaphragm has been forced out to the atmosphere through the exhaust port of the pump. Atmospheric pressure forces fluid into the